Sporty clothes don't have to be frumpy

Sportswear does not have to be boring; there are many ways to combine colors, textures and fabrics to make our sportswear something extraordinary and very trendy.

Here we present several tips on how to make it fun.

Use an athleisure set

What is athleisure?

It is the fashion preference that is currently trending; it consists of adding sophisticated elements of high fashion to sportswear, targeting a niche of premium consumers who seek to wear sportswear without giving up a sophisticated dress style.

An athleisure set generally combines comfortable pieces usually used for sports or exercises such as leggings, jumpsuits, shirts and sweatshirts; these include jackets, cardigans, coats, wallets, boots or sports shoes.

In general, athleisure outfits are used for any occasion such as parties, family gatherings and even business meetings.

      A great jacket can make your look more sporty without screaming frumpy.

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      A great jacket can make your look more sporty without screaming scruffy, you can go looking for it in Zazza Fashion Store

      For example, if you're wearing a dress, a blazer can give you a more put-together look. Alternatively, if you're wearing something more casual like denim, a bomber jacket can make it look more polished.

      What are the uses of athleisure? If you don't have a sporty jacket, then a great night outfit can still be athleisure. You could pick up a hoodie and wear it as a dress. Just make sure you keep it tucked in. It'll make the most of that "invisible dress code" moment.

      How do I pick a suitable fabric? 

      There are many different picks out there. You can buy polyester, cotton, silk, linen, twill, etc., all of them usually on a budget. Guys who are trying to get closer to a beach look should look for materials like Gore-Tex or EVA. On the other hand, the urban market tends to run predominantly in cotton fabrics.

      What about accessories? Even some of the most incredible brands and the most expensive things globally don't guarantee a good look. Generally, an accessory can add a little more personality to your clothing without compromising the features that make you unique.

      For example, purchasing a hat might flash your fun. However, don't go out and buy the most oversized hat on the market. 

      If you want to look less dressed up, leave off jewelry and makeup, but don't do it every day!

      Sometimes you want to look less dressed up, but you don't want to look sloppy. If you want to look less dressed up, leave off the jewelry and makeup. It's a big way to look pulled together but not look like you're going to a formal event.