Partner Program

You want your business to grow quickly, and we can provide you with the tools to make it happen! Our partner program is designed to leverage technology and social media's advantages to help brands, manufacturers, creatives, and clients grow and succeed with our unique platform-based business model. By joining our partner program, you will have access to exclusive benefits and resources developed specifically to help you launch your brand on an international scale.

Let's go global!

Our unique electronic platform is designed specifically for fashion brands. Whether you are a fashion store, e-commerce, or apparel brand, Zazza is the ideal partner to help you globalize and grow your business.

The benefits of partnering with us:

  • This platform is a business model that allows interactions between customers and suppliers. Zazza currently offers products from external vendors.
  • Selling fashion items on the platform offers great opportunities to our partners by helping them increase their reach and brand awareness. A greater number will see your business of potential customers, which translates into more sales opportunities.
  • Additionally, you will have greater visibility in Spanish-speaking countries, allowing you to enter newer and developing markets worldwide and offer your product to a new audience.
  • Our partner program can be the first opportunity for you to own an online store if you don't have one, which is a must for every brand and business aiming to have a global presence.
  • Your business will have the opportunity to become a reference and an alternative for customers looking for new fashion industry options.
  • Partners will be able to sell directly to customers worldwide through our platform without using third parties.
  • Through Zazza, you will have full control. You decide which market to offer your services to, how to price your products, how to present them, what strategies to follow, and the logistics you will use to do so. You can adjust your preferences in our platform to better suit your needs and offer a better buying experience to your customers.

    How does it work?

    We need to upload your inventory to our catalog with detailed information about each product to ensure the proper integration of your items with our tracking system.
    You can choose to let us make the connection between your products and the platform and manage your account, or if you already have experience as an administrator of your e-commerce on the Shopify platform, we will send you a tutorial where we show you step by step how to add your products in Zazza manually.

    Can I join the Partner Program if my company is located outside the EU?

    Of course! If you're from a country outside the EU can also apply for our Partner Program.
    In addition to the image, logistics, and integration requirements, partners from non-EU countries must meet the following:
    • To join the platform, partners must create an EU entity. They must ensure that they comply with all customs requirements when goods enter the EU and take care of customs clearance and duties.
    • Partners who decide to sell in Spain should be aware that local VAT registration is required due to specific Spain's laws concerning taxes for online marketplaces. Also, they must provide an EU VAT certificate by post or e-mail, which the Spanish tax authorities issued.
    • Due to Brexit, UK-based partners will need to have an EORI number. They will also need to have a warehouse in the EU for returns.
    • We can only ship returns to countries that are in EU territory.
    • Our accounting team requires an IBAN bank account for the transfer of settlements. These can be made in euros for all markets or in the local currencies of the different countries.
    • Items must have an EAN and a color (described in words or code) and size (in EU size and at least one size from another country).

      How much does it cost to sell on Zazza?

      We take a commission based on the selling price of a product. This commission starts at 5% and can go up to 20%.
      The percentage charged by Zazza will depend on the category of the product and the price of the product: the higher the price, the higher the commission.

      Adding your products to Zazza

      As an external seller on Zazza, you are responsible for the prices, range, and images you place. You can choose to add your entire content, or you will leave this to us to manage. These will receive a product code (SKU). Each item appears once on the website under an SKU.

      When you add your items to the platform, you must comply with the following:

      • Stock: Products offered online must always be in stock.
      • Item selection: You can incorporate as many items as you wish, as long as you have the legal right to sell the product. Also, the product must not violate Zazza's policies.
      • Item ownership: You are the owner of the item until the product is in the customer's hands. If the customer decides to return the product, you will become the owner of the product again.
      • Pricing: It is important to know that the item's price should never exceed the actual selling price of the item.
      • Product images and descriptions: You are responsible for all photos and text accompanying your products. For pictures, you must comply with Zazza's image requirements. Product descriptions must contain information about color, materials, and dimensions.

      To increase the chances of selling your products, we recommend that you use high-quality photos and accurate product descriptions. Remember that these will be associated with your brand, so inspiring trust and quality are essential! You can find the technical requirements by product category.

      The main requirements are:

      - Image type: JPEG
      - Color mode: RGB
      - Optimal format: 1800 x 2600 pixels
      - Minimum size: 762 x 1100 pixels
      - Maximum size: 6000 x 9000 pixels
      - Photo taken in vertical position
      - Neutral background (no color)
      - The photo should not be overexposed
      - Avoid shadows and reflections
      - Products must be clean, free of dust and scratches, and free of wrinkles and creases

      How do I join the Zazza Partner Program?

      Our Partner Program allows you to directly integrate your actions into Zazza, whether you are a company with an international reach or a retailer. If you are interested in joining us, fill out the brand prospecting form.

      General checklist:

      - Sign the Zazza contract.
      - Sign the contract between you and the integrator.
      - Fill out our "data sheet" (a spreadsheet containing all available product data).
      - Provide Zazza with the names and functions of all-important contacts.
      - Review our tax and VAT policy. Please note that you are responsible for your tax obligations in the countries where you sell through Zazza (for some countries, this means that you will need a local VAT number).
      - Send the KYC documents to Zazza.

      Logistics checklist:

      - Verify that the delivery documents conform to Zazza's requirements (delivery note, invoice, return note, and instructions, etc.).
      - Inform Zazza if you use packing stations, pick-up points, and cash on delivery.

      Checklist regarding your feed:

      - Provides Zazza with your brand logo.
      - Supplies the size chart codes that convert your measurements to Zazza's standard sizes.
      - Verify that your images meet Zazza's technical requirements.

      What are KYC documents?

      KYC (Know Your Customer) documents are a legal requirement based on money laundering legislation. Due to this law, Zazza is obliged to establish the identity of its customers.
      Before integrating your products on the platform, please send the necessary KYC documents to Zazza.

      Submit the below PDF documents:

      - A copy of a current valid passport or ID of any person acting on the company's behalf.
      - A copy of the company or trade registration.
      - Evidence of birthplace.
      - Evidence of a private home address.

      How do I sell more products on Zazza?

      It is possible to get more sales on Zazza by simply improving your product information and using our marketing services.

      Improve your product information:

      Good product information ensures that your customers can find them more easily in search engines and that your products sell more often. This helps the customer to get a better idea of their possible purchase.

      How to improve your product information? Choose a clear title. Complete the product specification in its entirety. Fill in all the features that apply to your product. Provide a clear and attractive description. Include good quality photos and videos. Make sure the description is authentic.

      Advertise your store or brand with 'Zazza Marketing Services' (ZMS)

      Selling on Zazza, it's a wide range of opportunities due to the great reach you get on the platform and many currently active customers.
      Zazza Marketing Services offers the following three services:
      1. Data Analysis Box:
      - Understand your potential customers better.
      - Zazza offers you tailored advice and analysis so you can improve the focus for your product.
      - With Consumer Data Insights, get a better understanding of the market and your potential customers.
      1. ZMS Strategy Box:
      - Find different ways to use your marketing creatively with ZMS Approach.
      - Increase your brand impact, boost your sales and position yourself in the marketplace.
      1. ZMS Plus Box:

      - Grab the attention of a new audience through marketing campaigns on the Zazza website, social media, and other online channels.
      - Get a better return on your sales thanks to performance marketing.

      We will help you to:

      - Manually incorporate your products through various integrators.
      - Optimize the image of your products.
      - Get better titles and descriptions for your products.
      - Advertise your brand with our marketing expertise and position it through the reach of our platform.


      Ready to go global with Zazza?

      Contact us, and let's succeed together!




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