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Advertise your products with 'Zazza Marketing Services' (ZMS)

Selling on Zazza, it's a wide range of opportunities due to the great reach you get on the platform and many currently active customers.
Your products will be on our page. We do promotions of Zazza, so your products will be visible as other products on our page and our campaigns. But if you hire our team to do more for you, your brand will be more visible. That means you will have significantly more sales.

Zazza Marketing Services offers the following three services:

Data Analysis Box:

To build products that your existing and potential customers love, you must clearly understand their needs, expectations, and behaviors.
Customer insight helps businesses know their customers better to build and offer better products for them. They give you data analysis of past behavior on our platform, which can be used to make more effective future decisions. By Understanding your potential customers better, you can improve your product lines, offers, and services.

Zazza Marketing Strategy Box

Find different ways to use your marketing creatively with ZMS approach.
Increase your brand impact, boost your sales and position yourself in the marketplace.
Define and run Social Marketing Strategy across our Social Channels
Our marketing team will set the best plan for your store and brand:

  1. Set SMART objectives for online marketing.
  2. We are planning and implementing plans for your online and social media presence.
  3. Define core social media activities to be managed.
  4. We are using social media to support inbound marketing.
  5. Social listening and online reputation management
  6. Develop the content marketing and engagement strategy for your Brand by creating unique content in the form of texts, photos, and videos that will be interesting to your audience and publishing that on our blog and social channels. We believe you need to answer how you plan to engage customers with content as a core part of your social strategy.
  7. Define social media communications strategy.
  8. Define approaches for the core social media platforms.
  9. Social media optimization (SMO)

    ZMS Plus Box

      - Grab the attention of a new audience through marketing campaigns on the Zazza website, social media, and other online channels.
      - Get a better return on your sales thanks to performance marketing.

      3.1. Facebook and Instagram's Ads

      We plan and implement plans for your paid campaigns and define and run ad campaigns for your store.

      Our team of content writers creates unique content in the form of texts, photos, and videos that will be interesting to your audience, and you publish that content several times a day. Also, Following the success rate of a campaign and send you monthly reporting.

      3.2. Google Ads

      1. Search Engine Network

      Choosing the right keywords that describe your services is crucial. A good choice of relevant keywords and phrases that your potential customers use in their searches affects the growth of your brand awareness and potential leads, and finally sales. Also, the good intention of words and phrases impacts where, when and to whom the ads will show.

      1. Google Display Network – Multimedia advertising

      GDN (Google Display Network) allows users to create all types of ads: ads with pictures or text, video ads, and interactive ads. All the ads will be placed on the most relevant websites and shown to the audience that is considered the most interested in the ad. Google Display Network distributes ads to millions of websites like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail.

      • Research of target groups relevant to this branch;
      • Keyword research;
      • Creating and implementing the strategy for Google Ads campaign management; - Creating the visual and textual content on Google Display Network;
      • Managing the campaign on Search Network;
      • Managing the campaign on Display Network;
      • Monthly reporting.
      The higher the budget is, we will have more options for creating ad groups and getting better results.


      3.3. Also, we can help you to:

      - Manually incorporate your products through various integrators.
      - Optimize the image of your products.
      - Get better titles and descriptions for your products.


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