Renewing my clothing accessories: Episode 1: What hats highlight my outfit?

The final touch for any outfit is always an important decision. Hats can either lift or let down an ensemble, so knowing how to choose the fitting cap for your wear is vital. For tips about how to select the right hat, see this article.

 Factors that influence your hat decisions

The first factor that influences your hat decisions is fashion. You can make a fashion statement with a hat and have it match with your outfit. A hat can make your attire stand out, which is why it is a fashion accessory. Some fashion accessories have been popular for a long time, while others do not last long.

The following four factors determine a hat selection, so you should make sure to look through them all:

Your hat needs to be in tune with your fashion statement. If you are using a hat as a statement, then it should fit the occasion. If the event you are attending to does not include the possibility of wearing a hat, it does not mean it that this clothing item is not stylish. It just means that a hat is not the right accessory for this occasion.

Your hat cannot be too big or too small. You want a cap that’s in a size not too big and not too small. Most hat brands give you the option to add brim, so if you so, if you have the option to get it tailored to your likings, you may consider that option as well, your hat has to be sweat-resistant. But we know not every cap has this particular feature. Consult a hairdresser on what hat would be sweat resistant.

If you don't have a hat with enough style, opt for a practical feature. A hat with a helpful feature is generally modest in manner and will go with your collared shirt and dress shoes. Even though it may be modest in style, it will probably do the job, opt for a hat sized appropriately for the occasion.

how to choose a hat for your wardrobe

When choosing the hat for your outfit, one of the important things to consider is your hair and how you like your hairstyle; Pick one that allows you to tie your hair back whenever you need to.

It is also important how your hair is, if it is straight or wavy, if it is very frizzy or slick; this will allow you to correctly choose the hat for your outfit

Choosing the right hat for your outfit

Hats are a great way to add some style to an outfit and help you stand out from the crowd. However, picking the right hat for your clothing isn't as easy as picking the proper attire and throwing a hat on top of it. There is a wide range of hat brands to choose from and the wrong hat can definitely ruin an outfit, especially on hot days or on the go.

The questions below are designed to help you make the right decision.

Q: Do hat companies have different prices on different styles of hats?

A: No. Variety in styles of hats differs from brand to brand, so you won't know what kind you'll get until you start searching. Established companies generally have a few styles that work well in all conditions.

A sea- helm, bucket hat, and fedora may all be the same on the surface, but there will be subtle differences depending on the head shape of the person who wants to wear them.

For example, a shorter man may prefer a wider brim or more of a wind-break on his hat, while a tall man may prefer it to point down to his ankles, making it swing open.

Q: Do women need shorter or longer hair for a good hat fit?

A: No. Hat size does not necessarily dictate how good a hat will fit, although the smaller size can be challenging to wear in some conditions. Opt for a hat that has enough coverage for your head and neck but isn't so tight you can't breathe.

Q: What should the circumference of my ears be?

A: Although it shouldn't significantly affect the fit of your hat, most hat manufacturers will offer your ears a "standard" circumference.

hot to choose a hat for work


How to wear hats to work?

Wearing hats to work can be a great way to add some style to your work wardrobe. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before wearing a hat to work. 

Hats can make you look younger or more mature.

Depending on the type of hat you choose, you may be sending a signal about your age. For example, men with long hair may want to wear red polo shirts while older guys may want to wear khakis. On the other hand, women can pair casual outfits with a knit hat (you will never get  a man's hearts again!) or women's knit hats without any prominence in the top (Seriously, what is with all the knits on the Internet?).

So, what is the right hat for someone else? Like a polo shirt, a statement is famous because it immediately shows you are professional and it could go well with a suit or a dress shirt. In addition, it is an idea that gives you a different style and can be fun to color coordinate with it. Some people don't like the feel of a hat and prefer to wear a visor for business. Professional knit hats are often dressy enough to be worn casually with boots and polos to jeans. Consider your style as you decide which hat to wear!

Hat colors can take away from the rest of your attire.

For example, Trapper hats are popular for lumberjacks, but why would you wear them and how? Red, blue, or black? Kids need attention, but parents think they are Flashdance—so you end up in the middle of a red, blue, or black pick-your-own-hat game. And if you suddenly become a red, blue, and black pick-your-own-hat-er, your head will be parasitized as Indiana Jones!

Hats colors and styles sit differently on a variety of head sizes and shapes. That is why some types of hats are appropriate for all ages.

 how to choose a hat for your attire

Tips for wearing hats in bad weather conditions

  If you want to wear a hat in bad weather conditions, you must make sure it's waterproof and windproof. You can test its weather resistance by submerging it in water and blasting wind at it with a fan. If it's waterproof and windproof, then you're ready to go.

Additionally, If it stays afloat, then the cap is windproof.

Lastly, if you want to stand out in any situation where many people gather together, it may be a good idea to pick a hat that will make you stand out from the crowd.

When picking a hat, one thing to look for is that it should be comfortable and it shouldn’t leave you not feeling sweaty or sore after heavy exercise. Also, this means that it should fit the shape of your head well enough to hug the curve of your neck.

If you want your hat to be as windproof as possible, make sure it has metal flaps designed to stand up in the wind. I usually recommend buying hats with metal flip flaps that are known for they are windproof qualities. However, they may not be windproof enough for your heavy-duty activity.

Tips for matching your hat with your outfit

A hat is a great accessory that can instantly take your zazza´s outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. To match your hat with your clothes, you'll first need to consider the colors of the cap and the colors of the outfit. It's also essential to view the material of the hat. Cotton is heavy and dense and should be the most common hat material, but you can also find mohair, woven, or canvas hats.

Hats Color Combinations

Before selecting an outfit, it's a good idea to expand your knowledge of color associations, paying attention to which colors go well together and which colors will clash is a very helpful excercise. Still, once a hat is chosen and creates an outfit, there are no known rules on applying these generalizations to each piece of your attire. To be as accurate as possible, choose the best hats and combinations based on the color associations you learn during your research.

Wearing the wrong colors can ruin your outfit. What is the right hat and which color combination should go with it? With this information, you can choose a hat and clothing combinations to create a standout look and feel good in them.

Nothing sells a hat better than a unique design and handmade feel. Tailored hats and wools are traditionally expensive, but plenty of designer styles are as inexpensive and comfortable as handmade wools. 

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