Fall Maternity Fashion: What to Wear When Your Belly Starts to Show?

With most women now waiting until they’re in their 30’s and sometimes 40’s to start a family, many are scrambling to find ways to work their growing bumps into their outfits. One of the easiest and funniest ways you can do that is by choosing maternity fashion clothes that don’t look boring. And if you want some cute maternity fashion ideas for fall, we can help with those too!

What to wear when the baby bump is small

We have a simple way to dress your baby bump this fall

If the tiny bump isn’t there yet, now’s the time to start thinking about what to wear for the future. “When women experience a small bump, they often wish to cover it with clothing,” says Nicole Lombardo, a registered dietitian, and cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. Here we leave some pregnancy-related things to keep in mind to best protect your bump:


When choosing shoes for your pregnancy, you should take comfort into account first. Many times, your feet can get a little swollen after a short walk, so our recommendation is to buy shoes that offer you comfort, they can be sports shoes or casual shoes that offer stability when walking.

Warm Clothes 

Warm clothing is very important at this time of the year when you are pregnant, it offers you assurance that you and your baby will be warm and comfortable when you venture outside.

You could always use a good sweater, and you can find the perfect one! You can choose a sweater with a unique color combination or just a plain colored one. You can also choose one of our jackets in various colors or a hoodie with a hood to be even warmer.


Ways to wear a sweater for fall maternity fashion

We all know that maternity clothes are expensive and the styles are often not that great. But you don’t have to let that stop you from looking stylish this fall. Here are some fashion tips for how to wear a sweater for fall maternity fashion.

- Wear a lightweight sweater with a tunic-style dress or skirt. A thin, warm jumper or sweater is an excellent choice. 

- Look for quickly washable fabrics.

- The garment will adjust to a bigger size at once! 

- Your morning outfit suddenly looks less formal. 

- It’ll reduce the number of changes you need to make in the morning.

Your leftover oversized sweater from summer (which was super warm but not that cute, to begin with) might be the cutest thing you own now; a small baby bump will be easily covered by a sweater!

Try one of these oversized sweaters.

A large and wide sweater may not be the most aesthetic solution but it is the most comfortable if you want to be at home

- They are inexpensive and effortless for a new mom to maintain. 

- They will keep you warm and set the stage for an active fall wardrobe!

- They’ll maintain the cuteness you picked up from last spring. 

- They’ll let you match and add personality to any outfit you may be doing in the future.

You can buy at Zazza.co oversized express size that way!

Do you live in a country with a chilly weather?

If you live in a very cold country our recommendation is that you add an extra layer to your maternity outfit; You can do it with a coat or a large jacket, which you can also find in our store.

You can always leave an extra layer in the house for extra warmth in colder months.