Essential pieces of clothing for fall maternity fashion

Right now you may not be a fan of all the changes your body is undergoing during pregnancy, but there’s beauty in every facet of this season for you. So, let’s talk about how to dress that belly (and the baby growing inside) in the most fashionable way.”

Maternity clothes are designed to support your bulge's growth and help you feel good about yourself as your body goes through the phases.

We know your belly looks very different than how it used to, but these changes are part of the experience, some women experience changes in their body during pregnancy, which can cause the extra inches that go up in their abdomen to stay with them, making their belly look more different than before.

During this time, you may have noticed that your clothes start to fit differently than they did before the baby bump appeared. Fortunately, you can search for clothes that fit your new body shape in our store and not have to worry about buying new outfits. 

Use some of these tips to boost your confidence and feel good about your new clothes.

What to wear as your belly expands and grows

We can express many things from our new and challenging situation of space in our body. Here are some ways to go from feeling awkward and self-conscious about your  body to feel right at home.

During your second trimester, the size of your baby's bump may start to increase noticeably. Dr. Shayla Miller of the Mayo Clinic says this is due to increased blood supply from the placenta putting pressure on the abdomen. 

This postpartum swelling and pain are more common than you might think and it can be a good thing.

”Sure, a bloated and achy feeling in your stomach can be intimidating, but if you ground yourself in clothes that fit well, you can get used to these feelings” she suggests.

Then you can convey those feelings more quickly when the baby comes out of the tummy.

While pregnant, many changes usually occur in your body that and this determines what you can and cannot wear. We will try to trace what clothes you can wear in this beautiful part of your life.

Here are five pieces of clothing that every pregnant woman should have in her wardrobe when in her first trimester:

High-necked T-Shirts

Over-the-knee boots


Button-down shirts

Casual jackets

        this is your case, you are probably at the best time to stand in front of the mirror and begin to see what clothes of the five above will look best.

        What to wear during the second trimester?

        Entering the second trimester of your baby growth journey, some clothes will favor you more; here are five items that every pregnant woman needs in her closet when this happens:

        - Sleeveless blouses

        - Wide-waisted pants 

        - Dress cotton shirts

        - Jeans with some stretch.

        If the weather is changing and it is cold outside, you will need something comfortable to cover your baby's tummy so that he can move around efficiently.

        Try wearing a light gray or light beige sweater for a fall/winter look.


        Fall Maternity Fashion Trends You Should Know About

        We've put together a list of the best fall maternity fashion trends you should know about. First, remember that it is a good idea to purchase versatile postpartum maternity supplies.

        The turtlenecks

        A trend that marked a sensation in the recent past and that today reappears in a great variety of clothing, from sweaters and t-shirts all the way to polo shirts.


        Although there are many options of sweaters in various materials that you might want to wear it when it's freezing, consider a hooded one. It will provide you with more protection and shelter from the cold and keep you and your baby more comfortable and warm.

        Are you the type of woman who likes to exercise, especially during your pregnancy?

        There are many options of sportswear, i.e: a sets of jumpsuits and many sport jackets that you will love to wear. You can listen to your favorite music while you run, exercise or do yoga, all the while wearing an outfit that will make you look great in your pregnancy. 

        Please find all the clothes you need for this beautiful stage in our store