5 Things you should know to take care of your clothes

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According to a recent partnership with Fashion Revolution, Not Just A Label, and AEG (a UK home appliance manufacturer), the average family does up to 3.2 washes a week. The care that follows has a huge impact on the durability of our clothes and the environment. Still, many people are (rightly) mistaken for all the crazy symbols on their clothing labels or ignore them.

If we loved our clothes and the people who made them, we'd better take care of them!

5 Things You Should Know To Take Care Of Your Clothes – Zazza

Here we give five small tips to help you get the best clothes you like!

Don't overwash

You want a fashion revolution that you know is good, wash your clothes after every use! If you say this crazy, you thought that most of the washing habits of our parents had been considered. However, washing machines and dryers have changed significantly, and clothes care did not make labels. To wash and dry it makes your extra clothes and tears on your clothes next time it's to wash, try to decide whether any clothes need to be washed. Perhaps you can only clean a little stain on your favorite jeans or make it well blues comfortable after the smell of your favorite GAT restaurant!

Wash on low heat.

Rinsing at a low temperature can save up to 60% of the rinsing energy. Many clothing labels recommend that we wash our clothes at a higher temperature than necessary. When the garment says it should be washed at 50 degrees Celsius or hot (40 degrees Celsius), this is usually the highest level of security for that particular fabric. With modern washing machines, you can easily clean your clothes in a cool or cool place. You can test the temperature yourself! If you've been washing hot all the time, try cold or cold and see if your clothes look clean. Washing at a lower temperature also puts less stress on the fabric, so your clothes will last longer!

Use dryer balls!

If you haven't tried using dryer balls before, look for a game changer! Put at least two at a time, and it will prevent your clothes from sticking together, which means they will dry more than 25% faster. The durability of thousands of washes - compare it to one-time use of dryer sheets! If you like the smell of your freshly dried clothes, you can add a few drops of essential oils like citrus, lavender, or cedar.

5 Things You Should Know To Take Care Of Your Clothes – Zazza

Fold them, don't hang them up.

It is better to fold and weave the shirts. Don't put large quantities in a drawer or shelf and give them air to breathe to make them less prone to wrinkling. Hanging shirts allow them to hang stickers on their shoulders and pull them out - shirts can only grow an inch on cotton due to gravity! If you want to hang clothes, invest in high-quality wooden hangers that will go with your clothes. Ties should not be more than shoulder-width apart; otherwise, tension will arise.

Avoid dry cleaning

Only dry your clothes if you have to. Laundry uses chemicals that are harmful to your fabric, the environment, and your skin. Many items of clothing that are marked "dry only" (such as silk blouses and wool coats) can be washed in modern household machines by simply avoiding high temperatures and extreme drying cycles - use gentle cycles to dry the finest items. If this item contains very delicate materials such as cashmere, sequins, or pearls, it may still need to be washed. If so, look for local laundries that are more environmentally friendly and don't use harsh chemicals. The same goes for clothes that say "hand wash only." Use your common sense, and you can often wash things using gentle and cool programs.