Fall season is Dominate by Colorful Jackets and Coats

Colorful jackets are the latest fashion trend.

Fashion is unsettling at times; guessing what trends are coming is tremendously stressful at times, but it is still fascinating to anticipate seeing what each new season will come.

The jackets and coats are garments that if or if you should use when the cold of autumn and winter begins to shake our bones; designers require more and more high levels of adrenaline and are daring more and more with very bright colors that break up the clutter of autumn colors.

The fashion returned to the 90s and was renewed in jackets and coats for the autumn/winter season; that juxtaposition between the glamorous and grunge is here once again to tell us "you can do whatever you want with your clothes," giving a clear statement that genuine is always a plus.


What are the trends, then?

Super Puffy:

The trend to put more and more padding on jackets is here; It's not just about vibrant colors; it's also about "being more padded."

Quilted Jackets

In the fall, quilted jackets and coats have grown in popularity thanks to the New York Booth brand, and weightlifters are confident they will be back this season.  

Look at the prints

Plaid prints on coats and jackets are a recent trend continuing through fall 2021; the color palettes range from classic fall earth tones to pink and blue hues in various shades.

Jacket with shearling collar

This jacket is the latest fashion trend; sheepskin is very soft and durable. It can be in the closet year after year without being damaged; yes, it is somewhat exclusive. Still, you can try synthetic leather as an option.

Cardigan coat

This coat is another classic clothes that are renewing. If where you live, the cold is not severe. A cardigan is a valid option for you; bright colors give a new look to this fall classic in our wardrobe.

Jackets with graffiti

Maybe we thought that this garment could not be impacted by new trends, a big mistake; we are seeing how the jackets are intervened by graffiti artists in unique pieces but also will be produced by fashion industry with daring super colorful designs as a street style trend