3 ways to choose a color for your fashion clothes: A blog post about choosing the perfect colors for your clothes. (Part 2)

How to work with certain skin tones and hair colors to pick the best shade for your wardrobe

Choosing the perfect color for your clothes is a challenge, especially when you have so many pieces hanging in your wardrobe. We know! Luckily, we’ve put together some tips and guides for you to pick the best colors for your clothes. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need help choosing between two specific colors, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect one for your clothes.

If you have blond hair or light brown hair, you should be wearing green, orange, yellow, red, blue, purple, grey and pink. Redheads should wear green, orange, yellow, red, blue, purple, and brown. Brunettes should wear green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and brown as well. Generally, selecting a variant shade helps spice things up, while another color can help balance and brighten things up.

Tall and slim figures with light eye makeup and light hair are always going to look beautiful in these colors.

You need a balance between the warm and cool editions for your outfits, but either one of these looks can lighten the mood and lift the spirits.

Selecting a black or grey color can make a sunny day look even brighter.

If you don’t want to wear a hair accessory, you can choose a seed color to bring a little humor to your look.

Color blocking looks fabulous on Hollywood screen gods like Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Aniston. There’s something so frivolous about two complementary colors blocking each other.

Too much orange can look a bit metallic, but too much green can look a bit sickly.

Darker greens give the luxury of balance, and darker blues give the feeling of mystery or anxiety.

Alternatively, are not your thing, you can apply violets, pomegranates or grown flowers onto the hair and wear it as a subtle hair accessory.

For fun colors, we love both light and dark shades.

Darker shades of colors are super cute and give the illusion of  fading clothes.

The bright side of this color is perfect for warm summer evenings and the neutral side is a treat for fall.

Selecting ivory or beige will make fashionable outfits that are light and flirty.

Outfits with a splash of this color can boost your festive mood and others with more dark colors might make people’s mood drop.

Foolproof tips for picking the perfect color for your clothes

When you're shopping for clothes for the first time, it can be hard to tell if the color you're choosing is the right one. You don't want to be stuck with something you'll never wear because it was the wrong color. If you need help picking the best pants or shirts, let’s help you out!

Below are some great color guides that can help you pick the best possible shades for your clothes:


For jeans, we suggest going for a neutral grey or a nice combination of colors that complements each other. White or off-white can also be a great choice, but black is more versatile than white. You can mix it up to wear with almost any outfit.

A t-shirt or button-up shirt, is another must have pieces of clothing. It’s great to pick it up in a color that can add variety to your wardrobe.

Depending on what suits your personality, you can also consider creating a custom color palette. For example, if you like flowers in your home, maybe you can challenge yourself to choose flowers with a precise color to go with every dress you wear.

The shoes are another key component of a successful outfit. Especially important is the color you select as a complement to them. Choose a blue pair of shoes when it’s cold outside and a navy pair of shoes when it’s sunny.

Conclusion: Your clothes are an important part of your image, so you want them to look as good as possible. This guide will help you pick the right colors that suit your skin tone, hair color, personality, and lifestyle.

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