How to choose a color that fits your style (Part 1)

How to choose between two colors

Choosing the perfect color for your clothes is a challenge, especially when you have a few hundred things in your wardrobe. We know! Luckily, we’ve put together some tips and guides for you to pick the best colors for your clothes. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need help choosing between two colors, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect color for your clothes.

When deciding between two colors, it’s always best to choose the bright, bold one. You can always tone it down, but if you go with a more subdued color and you want to make it more dramatic, you’ll end up having to add a lot more stuff to achieve the look you want.

The colors of the clothing world are vast, so when it comes to finding the right one for you, you need to look past them. Take inspiration from the colors of your favorite celebrities, film stars, or your favorite food colors. After all, you are what you wear.

Remember, there are two ways to wear a color, the bold one or the subdued one. You can’t go wrong with sticking with a pallet of bold colors. Turn your blue jeans into black and rep your cozy green jumper into a vibrant yellow.

choosing a color

There are millions of different types of neutral and primary colors. Dressing in a few of these colors can help you balance out and decrease the overall effect of your wardrobe. For example, choosing shades of blue can work wonderfully and you also don’t have to tone anything down.

If you want to create different looks by throwing some colors into your closet, understand the critical differences between neutral and primary colors. If you need a bit of inspiration, try picking one of your favorite movie outfits to wear during a specific time of the year.

This is the time of the year when we typically rearrange our wardrobes and make big decisions for where to invest our money and time. We often let accessories play a more significant role in our style as well.

Fair warning: wearing accessories in your outfits is always a pretty risky option. But if it’s a pair of shoes you truly love or a gift for a loved one, wearing accessories is a personal style milestone you’re ready to reach for. If done right, you’ll be able to match your fake flowers to your actual outfit.

Our motives are everything when it comes to our style.


Color psychology and how you can use it to pick the perfect palette for your clothes

Color is one of the most vital visual cues that our brains can process. The color that you wear has a significant impact on your mood and how you feel about yourself. If you want to use color psychology to make yourself feel more confident and in control, you should wear dark, rich and bold colors. If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your look and position yourself as someone a bit different, you need to look for lighter colors. Picking a light color will add brightness to your overall appearance, making you look more carefree and casual-like. However, dark colors make you seem intimidating and mysterious.

A color wheel is an excellent tool for gathering information about colors and has various shades that will help us focus our attention.

The primary colors are red, blue, yellow, green and indigo (also known as white), categorized by their relative lightness and darkness. The secondary colors are orange, violet and purple, warmer, less yellowish shades and more purple than their main color counterparts.

For example, pink and light pink are colors that can be associated with femininity, love, and affection. Indigo also suggests feelings of comfort and calmness.

What makes a pair of pants or blouses look similar? It’s because of the way their color contrasts. Take a look at the button on a shirt. Can you see the different shades that make the piece more unique?

Colors also impact the way we think positively and negatively. Research shows that some colors, such as purple, can be exciting, while others, such as orange, can evoke a sense of excitement and delight.

Confidence can bring out a range of positive emotions, including joy, happiness, a sense of creditworthiness. Colors that give an edge can look very sharp on you, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day, when you want to stand out for your loved one. It’s best if you choose a color that complements your personality or a look that you’d love in a picture.

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