What to wear in winter; a guide to buy for female clothing.

Winter is here and with Christmas just around the corner you're probably wondering what to wear in winter. There is a lot of pressure on women to wear the right thing at this time of year and it can make it challenging to know what to put on each day!

With this article, we'll show you how to transition your wardrobe from one season into another, saving you a whole lot of money - and also looking good while doing so.

Choosing the right clothes for winter

Here are little tips to help you choose the right outfits for the season: Keep your legs warm with tights and a good pair of boots. Even if you have a great pair of boots, there's a chance that your feet may still get cold, so it's a good idea to have a pair of tights to wear underneath.

Boot Cut-Ins: The Cut-In Technique was created by Shoei Karim, a famous New York City aerobics instructor, to reduce exercise-related knee pain by creating a break in the top of your foot during movement.

Developed on the principle that blood vessels in the feet have limited blood supply, this technique has the added effect of giving your feet some gentle blood flow, which provides a pre-stretch to the foot's ligaments for a better result.

If you have any questions, Karim is an experienced aerobics coach (and has appeared on the main stage of the American aerobics Association's dance floor), so you're in good hands!

The Ticking Clock: For a more structured look, put on your favorite dress and hop into some running or cycling shoes, preferably with a neutral color. This way, you can wear your favorite match and still maintain a professional appearance. If you prefer more casual wear, continue with the exact instructions above.

What to wear in winter: Boots and other types of shoes

The key to staying warm in the winter motnhs is layering on clothes and accessories that keep you warm and that will also keep you dry. My way to do this is to choose boots like these faux leather over-the-knee boots.

Now we're getting warmer with these tips. Staying warm in the winter can be achieved in a very different way then staying warm in autum and it depends on where you live, cause depending on the area there will be worse weather conditions that you have to prepare for. Let's break these styles down to how to choose the right one for you.

Shoes for Different Activities: If it's spring or summer and you love to dawn patrol walk around the neighborhood, then your best bet is to opt for boots for hiking and snowshoeing. If it's the winter, well, the options are almost endless—yup, snowshoes!

Check out a wide range of winter outerwear with different heel heights to work your way into the right fit for your feet. You can also try a couple of pairs of men's snow boots and see what you like. We almost always recommend wearing socks under your shoes and if it's going to be more than a few feet of snow, bring on some warmer socks to layer under those. Dress your feet with whatever makes you feel the least cold!

Fashion tips: Cold weather accessories you can make at home

Here are some great fashion tips that will help you look like you're completely put together even when you're not.

Make your own tights. If you're not the type to wear socks often, you can still have the look of tights with leggings. One of my favorite sporting goods stores in the US is ALWAYS JIMMY JOHNSON,


They are AWESOME and can be made out of any colored yarn you want (so long as you get your hands on some decent needles). For the dressy guy at the gym, these are also great. Here are a few tips to transform your workout tights into streetwear.

Tuck in your pants. Even winter tights are pretty easy to slip on. If you're wearing athletic leggings (like we do), tuck in your pants. This way, your thighs will stay tucked in and won't show off when you stretch or perform an exercise. Of course, if you don't wear athletic leggings, don't worry. You could pull up your jeans (which you probably should) or put on some socks (and that would be nice, too).

Flip it inside out. When summer sneaks up on you, it's nice to have a few items you can turn into swim trunks. Our favorite option is the regular-sized roll underpants. They come in different colors, so you can pick whatever outfit you want. Here are some tremendous beach-ready treasures to help you get your swim on.

Tie your shoes. Not only do a pair of loose-fitting shoes make you look a million times better when you're working out, but tee-shoes are also one of the cheapest and lightest pieces of apparel you can buy. Not to mention that with being a swimmer, we´ll always be cold and our trainers should be pretty comfy, too.