A 6-piece wardrobe of summer clothes: What things have to be in your wardrobe!

A free spirit, an untethered life and the power of movement are essential. It is in our DNA.

Summer is, for many, the best time of the year; synonymous with sun, beach and sand, time to relax lying on the seashore and enjoy the company of friends.

For others, summer is a time to venture into the unknown, ideal for taking out that Indiana Jones that we have inside and focus the binoculars in search of the "lost treasure," but whether you like to venture to know new places or visit the beach with your friends there is something not to be missed: good style when dressing.
With the arrival of summer, we always want our clothes to allow us to move.

In this post, we give you an idea of ​​what your 6-piece wardrobe could look like for this season.

guaradarropa de verano ideal


A t-shirt is typically worn on the upper half of the body, usually covering the waist, but sometimes also the lower part of the buttocks.

Depending on what it is made of and how it is styled, a shirt can be related to two terms: short-sleeved and wide-lapel tops, since both are casual tops that are very short in the arms but long in the torso.

When choosing your top, the best advice is to think about the season in which you plan to wear the top: in winter, more jackets are needed; In spring and summer, shorts and T-shirts are more appropriate and in fall and winter, conservative clothing is essential


A pair of shorts can be dress code, sporty or a mix of both. A short can be a very versatile garment and it can serve us for many occasions; to do sports, to go to a party, for the beach or to go for a walk it is a piece that should never be missing in our wardrobe.

The latest trends for summer are in fabrics that allows us to move comfortably and let ourselves be unique in terms of colors. There are options in all ranges and for all tastes, which is great since it allows us to combine them with many garments and accessories to give us a unique look.

bikini de verano zazza


We´re a big fans of the beach and even though I have a pool at my house and spend much time in my backyard, it's like my second home; We love being close to home. We love reading and writing on the beach. We also have a dog, so we like to take her because it is her favorite place.
That is why a bikini cannot be missing from my clothes to show off on the beach; Although it sounds pedantic, We love to show off all the effort and work for whole days at the gym.

We love the colorful prints that go with my personality. A recommendation; when you return from the beach, always wash the bikini with fresh tap water so that the salt goes away and thus lasts much longer.

Beach sandals

The beach sandals should also be next to the bikini in terms of importance. It must be a very feminine design; but the key to summer is comfort since you are carrying out activities in new places or going to the beach, so wearing comfortable shoes makes a lot of difference.
That is why beach sandals are the ideal footwear for summer and any occasion in which we have to contact the ground.

Bags with a lot of capacity

We know how difficult it is to keep things organized, especially if we have a lot of stuff in our bag. Many items fit in our bag. We want to have everything at hand.

Suppose we are the type of adventurous woman who enjoys traveling and seeing new places every summer. In that case, we will undoubtedly need a large bag to store our clothes, cosmetics, accessories and other things.
Ideally, it should be made of a light fiber and be waterproof to protect the clothes we wear if there is any unexpected rain.

But if we are one of those who love trips to the beach, we will not need a huge bag, just one big enough to come and go with the basics; a pair of t-shirts, jeans or shorts and a couple of shoes.

We can take advantage of it to combine with fashionable colors for summer, earthy, yellow, orange colors that are in trend.


Accessories can never be missing; they are the ideal complement that defines our personal style.
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, straps and even hairbands are essential when defining your wardrobe for the summer; always keep in mind that each accessory speaks of your personality, so you should wear what you like and look good in it.
In short, whatever the era, we must maintain our style

Don't lose the glamour!