Ready to step up your fashion game?

So you're ready to step up your style game. You've set a budget and identified the items that you're looking to purchase.

You might be thinking, "Okay, great — I just need to find some cool pieces in my price range, and I'll be good to go."

But the truth is that fashion doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution.

Create a shopping list

Want an easy way to remember to buy something? Make a shopping list. Set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to create a list of things you need to buy. Make sure your list is organized by store, so you know where to go to find everything. If smart dresser apps make the buying process so easy, why are we still struggling with finding high-quality pieces? Zazza Fashion Store is one of the brands we identify as “must-haves.” Meaning they’re affordable and timeless.

They have what every woman needs for all the season. Their pieces make a statement, but they also serve as a great place to start when looking to invest in smart pieces. 

ready to step up your fashion

Shop around for the best deals

When you’re buying a new car, you want to find the best deal, so you’ll do your research and shop around until you find the best price. Whether you’re looking for a new car or a new pair of jeans, you should do the same thing when you’re shopping for a new smartphone. It might seem simple enough. You’ve narrowed your options to your top five picks and you’ve focused your efforts on the lower-priced options. 

But when you’re trying to build a style budget, you will always find pieces you can’t afford, or maybe you can afford them but your budget isn’t big enough to buy a lot of clothing pieces. Go up a level and start looking at cheaper versions of items that still have that quality, flair and fit for your style. This will help you to build your way up to the more expensive versions or you may opt to shop around until you find a deal that’s just right. 

ready to step up your fashion style

While most people go into the buying process with the thought that they have all the information necessary to make a decision, what happens when you attempt to customize your own phone? A common tactic among smartphone shoppers is to go back and look at their previous phone purchases. You want to be sure you really want to buy that one — does it fit your face? Do you want one of those flashy logos on the back? You’re tempted to throw out the first phone because you think a new one would look better. 

But that’s a dangerous game to play. Do you check out the thinnest, lightest version of a phone available? Does it have the longest battery life? Does it have that high-resolution display that’s distracting to your eyes and your reading speed? First, you should get a sense of how much you want to spend on a new phone. Take a look at your current device and note how much it costs and what you can live with.

Get the most out of your new items by styling them correctly

If you get a new item of clothing or shoes, you should style them in a way that makes the most of what they bring to the table. This means you should wear them with a look that makes you feel your best. 

ready to step up your style

Some statements may not seem like they justify the purchase right away. You might also feel overwhelmed by the amount of style options available to choose from. Instead, use the next step as a way to experiment with different ways you can wear that item of clothing you have been thinking about.

If you’re like us, and you’re not carefully considering the purpose of each piece of clothing, you can quickly get sucked into following trends. No matter how young or old you are, it shouldn't be uncomfortable to wear certain pieces of clothing.

Tight jeans is now an item I wear only with a tank top. Don’t be fearful of refusing one or two pieces. Just because there is a trend around, it doesn’t mean you should buy into it. What I love to do is dive into different trends and try different pieces within the same style. Examples include: I buy my fabric garments for men and women in sizes small or large. For every garment I throw in, there needs to be one staple for both sizes.

When shopping for womenswear, we look for pieces with a bit more simplicity. Bright colors with simple v-neck sweaters or polos that will still flatter your hips.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to build a trendy wardrobe for less than $100. But the most important takeaway is the fact that you should build your wardrobe around the tips that work best for you. No one knows your body and your personal style better than you, so you’re the best person to make sure your wardrobe is the right fit.