How to Style Your Premom phase: Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

There's no denying that pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman. There are, however, some things you'll need to adjust as your body changes and grows — like your wardrobe. You may find yourself with more of an hourglass shape than you're accustomed to and perhaps even feeling as though your clothes don't fit quite right. 

But you can still look great! With the help of this blog post, we'll walk you through ten fashion tips for pregnant women — so you can style your premom phase and feel confident throughout your pregnancy.


How to style your pregnancy for the first, second, and third trimester

How to style your pregnancy for the first trimester

In the first trimester, your body is still adjusting to the changes it's going through. You might find that you're bloated, you're tired and you're experiencing some mood swings. It's not uncommon to feel unattractive during this time, as you're not feeling your best physically or emotionally.

While you may not see your best photos since you're not as high-tech as the rest of the world, you can still wear what you typically would, making it feel more casual and modern. And while it can't be as tailored as your pre-pandemic clothes, you can still vibe off and feel comfortable.

How to wear for pregnancy

All of your clothes should fit as tight as possible if you're going to be wearing a lot of stretch in them. Most maternity wear already comes in a few fits, like a small or a large. Still, if you're not quite sure how to shop for yourself, you can always check out this maternity dress that you can put on and go.

The second trimester can bring many changes to your body and slightly changing your clothes according to the changes of your body shape can help you feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Your levels of estrogen and progesterone will also go up, which can make it a little more challenging to move around with comfort. It can also slightly cause you to be more susceptible to infections.

It can be challenging to change your body in the way you want it and still find clothes you like. Therefore, if you find yourself having difficulty finding clothes (and accessories) in your size, don't fret! Why should you find yourself struggling with finding the proper measurements?

Although some brands will have you change your measurements at the point of freaking you out, you can use our online sizing converter to get your ideal size at a fraction of the cost.

How to style your pregnancy during the second trimester

The second trimester is a great time to try a new haircut, a bolder makeup look or a different hairstyle. It's also a time to start adding some new pieces to your wardrobe. Here are some tips for styling your pregnancy for the second trimester.

As any bodybuilder will tell you, pregnancy can sometimes cause hair (and, more importantly, body) to grow in unexpected places. Take your time to check any new hair style you see in your hair salon. As you get through that second trimester, consider trying a new haircut with less volume or a simple change like switching the way.

Your body will change and so will your clothes. Don't be afraid to experiment with your look when the time comes to swap your skinny jeans for a more confortable look. Wearing a maternity dress or other maternity clothes on the second half of your pregnancy can create a feeling of ease by enabling you to wear the clothes that feel most comfortable.

A new wardrobe should lead to a change in underwear as well. With pregnancy comes a shift in body fat distribution, making it challenging to find the right-sized panty if you don't already have one. Try a new style or select a pair of lower-density underwear for comfort. To reduce panty lines, try reducing the padding in your lower line or altering the shape of your underwear band.

The bottom line is that your body will change during pregnancy, but you can customize your style to suit it.

If you're a bit more daring, you can experiment with multi-colored or graphic prints. Again, as you get into the second trimester, consider mixing in some bolder patterns like black or plaid patterned tops.

As mentioned, warmer temperatures cause your body to release a lot of natural relaxants, which make you feel relaxed.


how to style in pregnancy

There are two ways you can style your pregnancy for the third trimester.

You can use a belt to cinch your waist and accentuate your bump, or you can style it to look like your pre-pregnancy clothes. If you're trying to cinch your waist, wear a regular belt on your hips and a wider belt around your waist. Wear your clothing under a favorite scoop neck sweater for warmth.

Try the skinny jeans from Zazza Fashion Store and white sneakers for an accent outfit when you're already feeling much better. You can color coordinate your casual wear with a maternity dress, which will give you a more dramatic silhouette. Grab a fitted sweater with an extra scoop neck sweater or a draped long-sleeved cardigan if you're still wearing your favorite maternity dress. Of course, you can always wear the majority of your clothing later when you're not pregnant.

From the beginning of your pregnancy, your body will change in size. This can cause your jeans to sag, your sweater to be too small and your pants too tight. To dress for the changing of your body is natural and healthy; you have to do it. Women go through pregnancies with changes in their bodies and it's normal.

Your twenty-four-week ultrasound scan can help you determine if your placenta is still attached and still developing and you need to keep it in mind when choosing clothes to wear during pregnancy.

 If you don't want to get any bumps or stretch marks from pregnancy, consider putting extra padding in your underwear. Nursing pads are great because they will help absorb any liquid that comes out of your body during breastfeeding.

Your stretch marks may go away during pregnancy, but speaking of breastfeeding, you're still important! Pumping breasts are delicate and should be protected with clothing to avoid scratching. Being pregnant still requires extra care because your body changes in ways you're not accustomed to and this needs to be considered when wearing new clothes.

If you haven't begun nursing yet, it's always a good idea to start planning your nursing wardrobe if you're pregnant.

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And if that wasn't enough, we've also included a few maternity wear options.

You take on statement maternity wear should be easy to pull off and you can always add a touch of sparks to your everyday look by opting for a maternity sweater or long-sleeved shirt (if that's your thing). Alternatively, you can opt for a rise or scoop dress and organza gloves are a last-ditch effort to keep your hands from getting cold.

how to style your premom

For your maternity makeup, finding a natural lip color without any yellow tones is vital. Avoid products with an orange or yellow undertone, as these look harsh on the skin and can even cause irritation if used regularly.

You know how important it is to stay hydrated during pregnancy; after a few hours of drinking  fluids, your body will begin to work harder to create the womb environment. While it isn't as important to drink eight glasses of water as you would during your standard period, it is vital to stay adequately hydrated to avoid cramps, headaches and dizziness.

While it may not seem crucial, keeping some denture paste in your purse is a great way to prevent bacteria from growing on your mouth. 

If you keep up with your exercise routine, you should feel good about your pregnancy — and that's normal! Thankfully, both of these things happen to be great ways to stay active and in great shape during pregnancy so that you won't be out of breath from a quick walk.

If you keep up with your exercise routine, you should feel good about your pregnancy — and that's normal! Thankfully, both of these things happen to be great ways to stay active and in great shape during pregnancy so that you won't be out of breath from a quick walk.