Get the most out of your accessories this fall season

Accessorize for the season!

Fall is here and that means it's time to take out those heavy sweaters and light jackets from last year and have a fresh batch of new looks.

Does this mean you have to sacrifice your favorite accessories? No way. Check out these ways to get the most out of your fashion accessories this fall season.

When you’re building a capsule wardrobe, it’s really important to make sure you’re dressing for the season. You want to dress in layers, that way you’re prepared for anything and you also make sure you’re dressing for the weather. If you’re going to layer, try to pair a lighter item with a thicker one.

“By wearing thicker sweaters in colder temperatures, you can feel a little more comfortable, and as a result, you will actually burn more calories,” says Michelle Durkin, co-founder of The LFO Project.

Warmers can easily add 20–30 calories per hour to your walking session, so you may want to consider wearing them whether you want to walk around the city or go on a hike.

Get The Most Out of Your Accessories This Fall Season – Zazza

Check out our guide to winter walking outfits to make sure you’re creating a comfortable environment for yourself and packing your walking gear accordingly.

With a little bit of creativity, lightweight vests can help keep you warm without weighing you down. Plus, you can add a hood and a loosen-fitting vest to create an alluring look — especially if you go for walk during the day.

“Many women express discomfort or a lack of confidence in their athletic pants when walking outdoors,” says Kelly Hogan, studio manager at No Waste Studio. “When working out outside, we typically wear pretty loose-fitting athletic pants. Walking in a tighter pair of pants outdoors can feel strange and uncomfortable. Stop and see if you can gently adjust your pants, so they’re a little looser”, Hogan suggests.

By choosing a top with pockets, you can ensure you have somewhere to put your things when you’re walking around town. “If you have an iWatch or a device that tracks your steps, that can be helpful, too,” says Heidi Berger, senior manager of fitness and wellness at New York Health & Faired. “That way, you can actually check in on your step count.”

5 tips to make your fashion accessories last longer

Buying an expensive purse or a pair of shoes is a big investment. You want to buy quality pieces that will last, so you don’t have to keep buying the same products over and over again.

Here are five tips to make sure your fashion accessories last longer.

1) Buy quality products. Certain styles can be used for a long time, but you want to make sure your fashion accessories don’t break down every time you work out. Wear flat shoes to basketball games. Use shirts with minimal patterns and a good stretch too. In other words, choose a piece that can be worn again and again.

2) Invest in easy-to-care-for accessories. If you bought refurbished items instead of top-of-the-line, luxury items like purses and shoes, the results can be disappointing. And even many of these luxury accessories can be troublesome to maintain, as they use fancier fabrics, which are more expensive but can wear out faster. Invest in simple, lightweight accessories such as hats, gloves, socks and jewelry that can be replaced if they get worn out or given a fresh look and feel can be a good option for you.

3) Refurbish your accessories. Look for items that are easier to wash and re-color, like your footwear, and avoid accessories that need to be machine washed or ironed, your cheap and edgy ties will be much harder to ruin than pricier options. Invest in some cheap accessories that will keep your outfits looking fresh and new.

4) Invest in accessories that complement your favorite outfits. For example, wearing on your shoulder every day can save you bunched clothing. Invest in accessories that complement your outfits, so you can add an extra visual interest to any ensemble.

5) Use accessories for seasonal color. If the weather cues change with the season, bringing out a colored scarf or scarf woven in all kinds of hues will allow you to mix up your look.

How to coordinate your jewelry with your outfits

Coordinating your jewelry is a great way to make outfits look more put-together. When your jewelry is well coordinated, your outfit will look like it was put together with a lot more effort than it actually was.

Here are some tips:

1) Experiment with variety. Swap in a different set of jewelry depending on your outfit. Try a different set of earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

2) Tie your hair up in a ponytail. Remember, that’s more of an effort to be constantly pulling your hair out of your face and tucking it into a bun.

We also have another bonus tip for you: Combining the multiple color schemes of your shirt, jewelry and hair will make your outfits stand out.

3) Fold your sweater in half. It also gives you that transition from the outer layer to the inner layer.

5) Experiment with your boots. New year, new boots! Before you buy them, test them on a friend who usually wears the same size and style as you. Experiment with different boots, light boots, boots with bolsters and boots with straps to find your perfect pair.

How to wear hats and scarves for fall

Scarves and hats are the perfect accessories for fall. The weather is changing and it’s getting colder, so these accessories are the perfect way to keep warm. Scarves and hats are also easy to incorporate into your wardrobe because they’re not just for fall. You can wear scarves and hats in the winter, spring and summer.

For fall-time, I always opt for the traditional crocheted scarf with a fibers-heavy yarn and luxurious DK weight yarn to give a soft sheen.

A pair of natural-colored shells or a dollar store sweater with a darker colored motif can add just a little bit of vibrancy and dimension.

There’s always an oldie, but goodie option, when choosing oversized jackets. The large, oversized jacket can be wrapped around your body to create an XL (two sizes up from a size 2 or 3 jacket), or you can use it as an outer layer.

This versatility can ensure that you have the right fit. For fall, I always opt for the classic plaid button-down plaid jacket with a ribbed hem. The plaid pattern is simple and easy to master and it adds more contrast and character to your jacket.

Swing by the online store and pick up the tall plaid cotton t-shirt from Zazza Fashion Store. This one is selling from $31.48, and if you can manage to track down a knit plaid top, go for it as well.

Something simple can take your fall look from “slightly warm” to cozy. Cold weather doesn’t have to mean you look terrible (unless it does, I mean). Because you don’t need extra layers, sweaters that are two or even three sizes larger can allow you go out and about without feeling like your movements are restricted by your outfit.

A warm scarf with a dramatic plaid pattern is still a wearable accessory when the temperature drops.

Fashionable footwear for fall

Walking around in a pair of really stylish walking shoes is better for your body and your wallet! To get some serious comfort in your steps and to break up the monotony of heavy sweaters, upper-body layers,and wool scarves, pair your shoes with a lightweight, moisture-wicking, sweat-resistant fabric. A material that wicks away moisture, in the colors you end up choosing can also help you break up the monotony of wearing a heavy sweater all the time.

Choose a fabric that wicks away sweat deeply; for example, choose a fabric with a density of 70–75% or higher. Yesterday’s sweat-wicking clothing fabrics don’t generally hold up well in the long winter months (late fall through early winter). Our top picks include merino wool, linen and jersey—all top-performing fabrics that wick away moisture as you sweat (this is especially important in the fall when temps are plummeting). Cotton, with its water repellent qualities, can also be effective on its own as a top layer. Look for items with 100% Japanese cotton or 100% cotton blend.

 To evolve your walking style and achieve a flattering fit, we suggest trying a smaller, looser pant. Textile lasts longer, matches pretty well with a variety of tops, and provides a more breathable layer than a wool sweater. Look for a width that’s slightly longer in the waist than in the legs.

 A lightweight ski mask or head covering can add an extra defensive layer that can act as an additional headband for your hat, if you’re wearing one. A beanie without an additional headband can be too big to stay properly wrapped around your head, and we don’t want that in temperatures that can drop to as low as 40 ºF.

Conclusion: It's easier than you think to dress well this season! We've put together a list of some hacks that will help you look your best while taking up minimal time and effort. Just check it out!