I am curvy; What colors favor my wardrobe?

One of the easiest ways to look slim right away is to wear a flattering color.

One of the easiest ways to look slim right away is to wear a flattering color.
All woman knows that black is the most flattering color, so every woman needs a little black dress. Black never fails to make you look thin and elegant.
Dark shades such as blue, purple, and brown also help hide imperfections and create a slimming illusion.

On the other hand, bright colors such as white and khaki can add pounds and give the illusion of a larger frame. Don't wear a white blouse if you want to camouflage your ample breasts.
Save your khaki pants if you're trying to hide your wide hips.

Instead, choose dark blouses and dark pants with thin vertical stripes.
Wearing a flattering shade like black makes you look slimmer and makes you feel comfortable and move with confidence in the beauty pageant.

But if you're tired of black and want to get a more exciting color, remember this tip. Bright colors pay attention to the area used.

I am curvy; What colors favor my wardrobe?

Therefore, do not wear a shiny shirt if you hide your big belly or big breasts. If you have ample buttocks and wide hips, keep away from shiny pants. Another rule for wearing flattery colors is not to combine bright tops and dark pants if you are short.

This rule will visually cut your body in half and make it look like you're crouching short.

Use monochrome colors from top to bottom to emphasize length or add a few inches to a small frame.

It helps to lengthen the body and create visible vertical lines that hide imperfections.

Pattern and Stripe Mistakes

However, the rules for using monochrome colors do not apply to printing.

One mistake women sometimes make is that if it's good to wear the same color on the top and bottom, it's also good to use the same pattern on the top and bottom.

Avoid this fashion mistake and never wear a top-to-bottom pattern. Otherwise, it will look like a giant polka dot or cashmere clown.

That doesn't mean you have to give up on the pattern clothes. Remember that floral shirts look best on black skirts, not floral capri pants. Stingray can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Wear horizontal stripes if you want to add 10 pounds to your body with just your skin and bones.

However, vertical lines are a good choice if you want to hide defects in the diagram or make them appear longer. Pinstriped trousers are great for work and flattering in black, dark brown, and navy blue.

A caveat: If you want to hide the curve, stay away from the winding vertical lines as you surround the curve. To reduce the big picture, stick to plain clothes.

Size Issues: Flattering Shoes and Accessories

Remember that size is essential when it comes to fashion shoes and accessories.

It's not just your size that matters, and it's the size of your accessories.
For full-figured women, wearing a small bag or thin belt will only focus on their size.

Instead of choosing trendy items because you like them or want them, consider the balance when choosing accessories. Older women should try medium-sized handbags, wide belts, necklaces with large pendants, or large watches.

You'll be amazed at how slim your balanced accessories look.
The shoes you wear also play an essential role in balancing size and height.

Delicate shoes for more prominent women can make passers-by wonder if the heels sag.

Therefore, don't buy anything just because it suits others. Please select according to the size.

If you want to add height to your figure, start with a 3-inch heel.
High heels are good if you're a skyscraper walking expert, but tripping over too high heels can be uncomfortable.

Try it before you buy, and make sure you can walk gracefully on the heel of your choice.

Also, consider pointed shoes to lengthen your short bodice, and this shape makes you look taller and slimmer.

Be careful with your shoes.

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Tip # 1 in a Way That Looks Slim 10 Pounds


What is the best-protected secret that seems to have lost 10?

Good tanning. Skin is your most important accessory, and it's the key to seeing your best to make it look beautiful. The uniform brown color hides skin imperfections and camouflages light cellulite and spiders to give you confidence in sleeveless tops and short skirts.

In short, tanned fat looks better than hard white fat. But don't look for a tan with the harmful UV rays of the sun-buy a bottle of self-tanning and start working on your homemade glow.
With these simple tips, you don't have to worry about crash diets to look good at this weekend's party.

But if you want to make a healthy long-term change, join a fun exercise program and start replacing food with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Paying attention to your diet and exercising for at least 30 minutes each day can make a big difference to your body and health.
That way, you can go shopping and think about what you like, not just what you want.

Tip #2. Pick a V-neck

The reversed triangle of a V-neck reinforces your shoulder line and stretches your neck and middle. More extensive V-necks balance expansive hips and thighs; more profound V-necks give a liberal chest division and lift (simply don't go too low, no cleavage essential).
Wrap dresses and hybrid tops additionally have this neck area.

No V-necks in your storage room?

Essentially unfasten every one of your shirts and pullovers to a V, yet make certain to yank the sides open for a genuine V — not a fragment.

Next best neck area? A boatneck offers comparative shoulder-expanding and neck-extending advantages to the chest area.