I am a voluptuous woman, What fabrics are best suited to my size!

Imagine a scene. When you look at beautiful dresses online, it's not just the size; it's the style you know will suit you. Or you might just step into the store and see the perfect dress you know look beautiful to you ... oh, that doesn't mean, no matter how hard you try, the clothes just don't fit. Hmm. Why is it what you want?

It all comes down to the material from which the item is made. Marie Dence, the founder of Curvy Fashionista, said: "Fabrication is the key, and the wrong fabrics choice on a garment can kill its overall look!"

What are Flattering Fabrics?

The fabric is basically the backbone of all clothing. (Well, that's the material of the garment) Styles, cuts, and patterns make little difference to the garment. If the material used is incorrect, it will be wasted.

Finding flattering materials for your more complete look can sometimes be a bit tricky; Zazza Fashion Store gives you a definitive guide to fabrics that makes you look great. 

Natural fiber / tissue

Basically are two different types of natural fibers. Derived from plants or animals. Natural fibers are also considered environmentally friendly because they are sustainable materials.


Animal origin

I am a Voluptuous Woman, What Fabrics Are Best Suited to my Size!


Wool (mainly sheep's "hair") is removed by cutting, washing, combing, and spinning the sheep. The yarn is then woven or woven into the garment. It is durable, warm, comfortable, breathable (like most natural fibers), and hypoallergenic.

Wool has a rough texture and may have different levels of roughness. For soft, fine wool, choose merino wool or lamb wool.

But if you look beyond the wool, you'll find alpaca, angora, mohair, and even cashmere wool Aladdin caves.

Cashmere (derived from goat) is luxuriously soft (and expensive), and mohair (derived from Angora goat) has a more vague texture and unique appearance than wool.

Washing and caring for cloud clothes can also be a bit of a hassle. Wool has a habit of shrinking in wax, so please read the label carefully.


There are three main types of leather. Nubuck, Nappa, suede. All of these types of leather are made from cowhide, but you can also get leather from other animals.

The properties of leather are that it is durable and has limited elasticity, so it will not stretch or lose its shape due to abrasion. It is also wind and water-resistant, making it ideal for shoes and jackets.


Silk is considered a very luxurious material. It is soft, comfortable, and deliciously draped. Great for women of any shape and size. However, silk, especially pure silk, can be very expensive and can often be dry-cleaned or hand-washed.

Many vegans, vegetarians, and animal activists choose not to wear clothes or shoes made of these materials. By developing synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyurethane, you can get a fake fabric with a similar finish without demoralizing.

Plants Origin


Cotton maybe be one of the most used materials throughout the garment industry and is ideal for year-round wear as it is not only comfortable but also breathable. Hypoallergenic (ideal for sensitive skin), machine washable, durable, and easy to clean.

I am a Voluptuous Woman, What Fabrics Are Best Suited to my Size!

Cotton fabrics are a versatile material that can be woven in a variety of ways to give it a completely different feel. These include knit cotton, which is widely used for sweaters, and knit cotton, which is most often used for T-shirts.

Like most plant-based products, you can get both organic and non-organic varieties, and these come with a price tag first!

Cotton hangs tightly and is not too tight, so it is widely used in plus-size clothing. Many cotton garments may contain small amounts of elastane or spandex to give them elasticity. This can change the fit of your garment, so try to stick to the garment with the highest percentage of cotton to avoid "sticky" garments.

Twill and denim

Both twill and denim (a type of twill) are a type of cotton fabric. They have a diagonal weave that makes them much stronger than standard and more durable types of cotton.

 These materials are non-stretchable unless blended with elastane/spandex, so when buying new jeans, choose jeans made from 100% cotton or as high a percentage as possible. Get the complementary effect.  


Linen is as durable and breathable as cotton, making it ideal for holidays and sunny climates. Linen is twice as strong as cotton but is less flexible and is widely used in custom styles.

Linen is a highly structured fabric that slips through bumps and bumps rather than accepting them. I'm looking for a winner here!

The linen manufacturing process is very laborious, so clothes made from pure linen are expected to be expensive. This means that many mass-produced linen products are made from linen blends.

Did you know that the best flax is produced in Normandy or Flanders in France and Belgium? The best flax factories are located in the Biella region of Italy.


Until I wrote this material blog guide, I thought modals were synthetic fibers. It turns out that we were wrong. Modals are cellulose fibers from pieces of beech wood; yes, you are reading that right, modals are made from wood!

Modals are soft, stretchy fibers that are often compared to cotton and viscose. It has a softer drape than cotton, is suitable for a more plump body, and is more durable than viscose.

 Another advantage of modals over viscose is that they are breathable and water absorbent because they are natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers.


Bamboo, also known as bamboo viscose, is, as the name implies, made from the cellulose of bamboo trees. It is wonderfully soft (softer than cotton) and very absorbent. (Twice as absorbent as cotton)

It also has antibacterial and anti-UV properties, making it ideal for summer wear.

I am a Voluptuous Woman, What Fabrics Are Best Suited to my Size!

Trust us when we say that bamboo sounds pretty good and definitely fits the hype. The only downside is that clothes made of pure bamboo can be expensive.

Tencel / Lyocell

Tencel, the top brand of lyocell printing, is a plant material made from cellulose from eucalyptus wood, but it is actually a recycled substance because it is a "solvent spun fiber."


The "closed-loop" spinning process uses non-toxic chemicals that are considered environmentally friendly, and production uses less water and energy than cotton. Like bamboo viscose, Tencel is very soft, breathable, and absorbent. However, Tencel does not absorb much dye. This means that you may need a lot of dye to make your clothes colorful. If you're looking for Tencel clothing, choose a plain, natural shade.

Of all these fabrics, the most used and that favors large sizes is cotton, followed by fabrics with polyester or viscose, but it is definitely a personal decision; if you like it and you look good, wear it!

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