Does autumn offer us the chance to wear dark colors?

Autumn has arrived and this can also mean that you’ll be wearing darker colors, creating an atmosphere of gloom and doom at the office. If you find yourself in this situation, there is a way out. See how to wear fall colors while still feeling cheerful and lighthearted at work.

Workplace fashion is not just for looks.

Your work clothes are an essential part of your brand, they reflect your personality and professionalism and will impact the way your co-workers and clients see you. If you dress like a slob or don’t take care of your appearance, you will be perceived as unprofessional.

Try these smart tips for dressing your best during fall:


Glamour and inexpensive designer clothes can make you feel cheap. Not to mention, high heels can make you feel too high-maintenance. Instead, start your fall wardrobe with a professional attire and a skirt that’s been professionally tailored. You can wear these pieces for the rest of the fall and they’ll look amazing.


Wear your favorite shoes at work to give them that professional feel. You can also choose a pair of dress shoes if your work shoes are too small. Don’t get distracted by which shoes you should choose; buy ones that you will use regularly. Of course, variations of shoes can make your wardrobe more interesting, but you’ll generally want to have a neutral-colored pair that you can use with any outfit you want. This color most likely won’t be bright and exotic but it’ll rather have earthy tones that you can wear in the fall.

How to dress for the office in the fall

To dress for your work place in the fall, you want to dress in layers so that you can add or remove clothing depending on the temperature of your office. Layering clothing is an easy way to add a pop of color and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

For darker autumn colors, which typically have a duller finish, add a sheen to things, which will give your attire a livelier feel. You could add a darker gloss or shine to finish things off, for example, a singer’s dress or wrap.

All of these options can help you look more attractive and professional.

Boho-style is a style of fashion that incorporates lots of patchworks, jacquards (a fabric form with horizontal flaps), and colorful shapes that are often earthy and simple. It looks new and vibrant in the fall season. Give it a try and don’t be afraid of mixing comfortability with a fun, earthy feel.

Apply a sheen to things. Using darker shades helps you show a little more flesh and stand out. As for rose gold, there’s always herringbone, a loosely knit fabric that tends to have a wet look.

Warm brown or beiges can also help you show skin a little better with heavier socks or shoes. Note that wearing a powder in the dark can create a burnt effect. Lighten up the impact by using a lighter shade or mixing in some white powder before applying and covering your shoes.

Use the sheen method above with your tops. Apply darker shades of your favorite color powder to your lids, and use a brighter shade of your other favorite color powder to finish everything else.

Accesories are always a good thing to have on hand if you’re going to be working while dressed in a mini-dress by May. Just take them off when you arrive to your house.

Why you should wear dark colors in the office

First impressions are a big deal, so you want to look your best when you’re interacting with your colleagues, bosses, and potential clients. According to Nazarian, the general rule of thumb is to wear darker colors in the office since they look better than lighter colors. However, you can always try combos of these two colors to add variety to your outfit.


“The hue of your clothing can have a huge impact on how you feel about it,” says Nazarian. This refers to the fact that by simply dressing in a warmer color (in this case, beige), “your clothing becomes your palette,” she explains. On days that you aren’t feeling so cooperative, “you can break out in deeper blues, greens, and violets,” explains Nazarian. “These colors[ reveal] that you’re able to do things, explore new things, and are excited about what your activities have in store.”

In addition, by dressing in your favorite color, you will feel positive and confident whether or not you enjoy working in the office. “You are more likely to put on a happy face, meet clients in a less confrontational way, and be involved afterward,” notes Fiorella. You may feel good knowing that you looked great in that outfit, which will support your positive self-image.


Falling temperatures mean fewer tanning opportunities, meaning darker skin shades can create a more dismal atmosphere when you work in the office. But this doesn’t have to mean a tragic Halloween costume. Instead, there are creative ways to wear darker colors while feeling happy and energized.


Having a joyful, positive mood doesn’t only come from feeling uplifted and cheerleader-like. “Stereotypes about people being either sad or delighted (happy versus sad) are created by our simple contrast of any two things,” explains Erica Suter, Ph.D., founder of ModClothier. However, being happy and uplifting doesn’t always mean saying “yes” to everything.

Why you should avoid wearing dark colors at work

The color of your clothing has a significant impact on how people perceive you and some colors can make you appear more professional or less so. Black can be a powerful color, but it can also make you look like a negative person. 

The main challenge when wearing colors like black, navy and gray at work is that you have to convey an image of lightness and vibrancy to counteract grey, monochromic business suits. Yellow represents intensity but also transmit aching passion, tenderness, and happiness. Pink can be a mixture of both yellow and pink color meanings. It can also mean warmth and red can symbolize power. Black is commercial, formal and monochromic.

Having a sleek, professional look isn’t easy, especially when you are juggling work, personal life and looking good in front of your kids. Our team started wearing bright colors in the autumn because we’re inherently drawn to bright colors. We sported colorful pink polos and blouses, bright green dresses and even bright orange shorts and yellow shoes. We mixed it up and wore bright and bold patterns like polka dot socks, polka dots belts and more. It was a fun attitude, and we got compliments on our outfits all the time.

Another big hack we normally use is wearing Hawaiian jeans with a polka dot prints or a shirt with a black plaid print. This way, people can see that we are brave and excited about what we do with our outfits.

We had the exact solution for three years in a row, but every year, we had a different situation and a different approach for how we wanted to dress for the day. It was addictive! 

Retailers, too, are beginning to open their doors to experimenting with colors. Zazza Fashion Store is offering more ways to express yourself, whether that means wearing a uniform or multiple pieces.

Conclusion: When you know what to wear at work and why you can feel confident about your workplace style, you succeed. This will make you look and feel great at work!